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Eleni Danesi is a body architect, artist and performer, and movement practitioner.

She holds a background in architectural studies with a master degree in conceptual spaces in Architecture. 

Since 2012 she is active in the field of contemporary performance and aerial movement practices, which she combines with her background in architecture and space design. 


The results of this combination are a series of experimental workshops, in which she explores the movement that is generated in the variety of spaces around us, emphasizing on the aerial movement and the "in between" space. 

In 2014 she founded LatoMeio Project [a collective of artists who gather their interests, passions, and skills to create projects of interdisciplinary approaches and interpretations], where she works as an individual artist, as project manager and curator or as a workshop instructor. Branch of LatoMeio Project is LatoMeio Aerials: a field focusing on aerial arts and contemporary circus. 


She currently lives in between Athens and Berlin. 


For more info about her artistic and aerial work, you can visit her webpage:

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