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for the Aerial Arts FESTIVAL Austria 2019

With the purchase of the ticket every participant agrees to the following general terms and conditions:

1. Tickets / Participation / Membership:

Aerial Arts Festival Austria 2019 will take place 29. of August until 1. of September at F23, Breitenfurterstraße, 1230 Vienna. With the purchase of the ticket every participant agrees to become an extraordinary member of the registered association "Aerial Arts Austria" (hereinafter also referred to as "club") who is organising this convention and many other aerial arts events in Austria every year. You can find out more about this association and their activities here.

2. Liability:

Every ticket holder / club member (hereinafter also referred to as "participant") is participating to the event at his own risk. The organisers and hosts are liable for damages only to the limits and the extent of the available public liability insurance coverage. The liability for damages beyond the available public liability insurance is explicitly excluded. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

3. Sports & Travel Accidents:

The event organiser is not taking any liability for any sports or travel accidents happening during, before and after the convention. Every participant is participating at his own risk and is required to provide his / her own private accident and travel health insurance and present a confirmation about this upon request. Participant that do not have a valid travel or accident insurance will not be accepted or allowed at the convention and may be asked to leave the workshops or event location at any time.

4. Copyright:

Every participant / club member agrees to the publication of their images on photo or video to be published online for promotional purposes. Videos taking by the participant of the teacher's workshop or performance may absolutely not be published online or shared with anyone else than other participants of the convention, except with the teacher's written permission.

5. Accommodation & Travel

is NOT included in the ticket and has to be organised by every participant himself / herself.

6. Cancellation:

a) In the unlikely event of cancellation by the event organiser every participant will receive a full refund of the ordered ticket value. Additional refunds for any other expenses like travel or accommodation are explicitly excluded. The event organiser therefore highly recommends every participant to obtain a private travel cancellation insurance for his /her whole travel including accommodation. In case of force majeur (act of nature beyond control) no party shall have the right to claim any damages.

b) Tickets can NOT be cancelled or refunded but a replacement participant can be sent with prior notice for an additional € 20 administration fee.

7. Data Protection:

Please read our data protection regulation here.

8. Contact:

Any other questions, notes, special requirements please write to:

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