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As a student of Comparative Literature Miriam has worked as a circus educator for a Vienna-based youth circus since 2011. IShe herself started doing aerial arts at age 13 - 12 years ago - and quickly became interested in duo trapeze and, later on, duo lyra. Nowadays, she is mainly helping others on their paths in aerial arts whereby her focus in teaching lies on technical improvement and clean form.
However, she is  especially keen on always keeping the playful aspect in aerial arts: try new things, be creative, and have fun!

Rosa is 19 years old and started doing aerial techniques about seven years ago. Miriam, with whom she will teach these workshops, was the one to introduce me to duo lyra. Then with her partner Antonia they learned and experimented on their own. The outcome were varied choreographies combining symmetrical with asymmetrical moves and many base changes.

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