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Book your individual Photoshooting with our professional Aerial Photographer Laszlo Roth! 

Pictures keep the best memories. Get a professional one at that!

At the Aerial Arts Festival 2019 you can book a professional photo shooting with Laszlo Roth. Get 5 edited pictures on your favourite Aerial apparatus with the industrial Festival background of the old fabric halls of F23! A shooting takes approximately 20 minutes per person and costs 65,-€. The shootings will be held in small groups of two or three people, so you can take turns and help each other into the right angels.

  • 30minute Shooting on one Aerial Aparatus

  • 5 professional reworked shots

  • industrial background of the old fabrics halls of F23

Shooting Times:


11.15-12.45 - Silk 3 persons   BOOK
13.00-14.30 - Rope 2 persons BOOK


11.15-12.45: 2 persons hammock BOOK

13.00-14.30: 2 persons hoop BOOK

About Laszlo Roth: 

Laszlo is the most popular Aerial photographer in Austria. If you want beautifully composed Aerial pictures, he’s the right person for you. Due to his experience as the photographer for Aerial Silk Vienna, he has developed the perfect eye for all Aerial moves in the right angels taking every detail into account. So much so, that even Star-Aerialists like Sarah Bebe Holmes has booked him. As Jessica Jay from Paper Doll Militia said so accurately: “Vienna is happy to have Laszlo as an Aerial photographer!” Furthermore, he’s a physiotherapist and knows exactly how the body works in Aerial.

More info and reservation via email to

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