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This creative workshop is assembled to invite dancers to expand their expression of movement, into another dimension, as they explore contemporary movement and dance in the air. Using aerial hoop, students will be invited to playfully explore this new space and how to creatively work with and against gravity. By blending the different worlds of floor and air into one unified space, dancers will seamlessly move from one to the other.

After a contemporary dance warm-up, the basic foundations of aerial dance will be taught: learning proper body placement and alignment, conditioning and power exercises to prepare the body to be in the air safely and comfortably. Through improvisation, dancers will be introduced to the apparatus and the space in the air. Students will then learn the basics, separate skills and sequences on the hoop. The students will explore how the choreographic vocabulary can be transfered from the floor to the air, and respectively, from the air to the floor.  

Aerial Hoop Beginner

€ 90,00Price
  • Beginner Level

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