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Simone Fluhr

Simone Fluhr cyr wheel 01.jpg
Simone Fluhr Bungees 01.jpg
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Simone Fluhr is owner and founder of the acrobatics school Poledreams in Bad Schüssenried, Germany. When she started to teach her passion in 2011 she teached only Poledance but soon many other disciplines joined. Now she teaches Poledance, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga. Bungee Fitness, Aerial Silk, Aerial Sling, Lollipop Pole, Double Pole, Partner Acrobatics and Chyr Wheel. 

Simone startet her dream of dancing in the Air when she was 33 years and competed at different Championships succesfully. 

She loves to share her passion for Aerial Arts with her students and is a compenten and fun teacher. 


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