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  1. What is a Festivalpass?

  • The Festivalpass gives you access to our festival area in F23 during the festival days Aug 29th  - Sept 1st.

  • It includes access to all Open Trial Sessions as well as all Evening Events and the Market and Gastro area.

  • Fee per day: € 40, 3 days: € 100/ Early Bird 30/80

  • Everybody needs a festival ticket to enter the location.

  2.What is a 3-Day-Workshop Ticket?

  • To attend one of our 3-Day-Workshops you need to book the Workshop online to reserve your spot! Find all our workshops HERE 

  • The 3-Day-Workshop Ticket is only valid in combination with a Festivalpass.

  • Choose the Combi Ticket if this is the first 3-Day-Workshop you are booking because it includes a discounted Festivalpass: Only € 40 for all 3 days! (instead of € 100). Even cheaper if you catch the Early Bird until end of May.

  • If you book more than one 3-Day-Workshop you don’t have to buy more Festival Tickets!

  • You only need one Festival ticket per person for all 3 days.

  3.What is a Combi Ticket?

  • A Comi Ticket included one 3days workshop plus a discounted Festival Ticket for only € 40 for all 3 days! (instead of € 100).

  • Once you have booked a Combi Ticket you can book more 3days Workshops

  • You only need one Festival ticket per person for all 3 days.

  4. If forgot to buy a combiticket with my first 3day Workshop what should I do?

  Wirte an email to and we will change your booking into the rigth ticket! 


   5. Which Workshops are recommendable as an absolute Aerial-Beginner?

  As a Beginner you can attend all workshops declared as “Beginner-Level” or “Open Level”. There are
  Workshops in Aerial Silk and Aerial Hoop tailor-made for Beginners as well as “Open Level”-
  Workshops like Aerial Yoga Ying & Yang or Aerial Barre, Bungee or Acro Yoga. If you are new to the
  Aerial World the Festivalpass will be the best option for you, as it gives you the opportunity to try
  and explore many different disciplines.

  6. How does a typical Festivalday look like?

  • The festivalprogram starts at 09.30 am. We suggest to arrive earlier around 09.00 am at the location F23 to start relaxed for example with a delicious smoothie or morning snack at our gastro area and tmeet other festival guests.

  • You can choose to start your day with an Aerial Yoga Session (Open Trial Class) from 09:30-10:30 am which you can visit for free with your Festivalticket. Afterwards the international/local teacher loves to support you with individual tipps and advices.

  • At the Market Area you can shop around and dress up with your personal Aerial Arts Austria T-Shirt!

  • At the Aerial Silk Space you’ll prepare for your Aerial Silks Technique Class with amazing international teachers from 11.15-12.45 am.

  • After the workshop you are happy but hungry and – time to treat yourself with delicious vegan meals and snacks            at the Gastro Area.

  • After some chillout-time at the Lounge Area you could go to the Share and Upcycling Area to create your special Aerial Arts souvenir and exchange some Aerial Outfits with other Aerialists.

  • A quick check on your individual timetable might tell you it’s time for your next workshop. You could join a decent Yogaclass in the Yogaspace to stretch and relax your body before your next workshop.

  • Happy and relaxed after the Yoga you might be up to join the Parnter Acrobatics Workshop with Uwe at the Dance and Acro Space!

  • As a perfect end of the day you might capture your best and new learned tricks at your individual Photoshooting or get you muscles some “Uuuhh” and “Aaah” with a professional massage at the Wellness Area.

How can I book a ticket for the Aerial Arts Festival?

  • There are two different course format: “The 3-Day-Workshops” and the “Open Trial Sessions”. In addition to the classes, you need a Festivalpass. Therefore we offer the Combiticket, which yo should choose when you book your first 3-Day-Workshop.


Booking steps:
a. Choose your classes/course format:
3-Day-Workshop are intensive Workshops, which always take place at the same time from
Friday, the 30 th to Sunday the 1 st . You cannot book just one part of a 3-Day-Workshop.
International trainer 110,-€/Person
National trainer 90,-€/Person
Acro Yoga & Hula Hoop 90,-€ for national as well as international trainers. Spots at the 3-Day-Workshops are limited. To secure your spot, you have to book and pay online via Eversports.
Open Trial Sessions (=Festivalpass)
With your Festivalpass you get the chance to try out different disciplines from the Open Trial Session program, varying from various Yoga classes to different Aerial disciplines and Hula Hoop. You can attend the Open Trial Sessions with a Combiticket or a Festivalpass.
Price Festivalpass:
1 Day: 40,-€/Person - Early Bird 30.- until End of May
4 Days 100,-€/Person - Early Bird 80.- until End of May
You don’t need to sign up for these sessions via Eversports. Spots will be distributed after the motto of “first come, first serve”. There will be more spots available for these Trial Session.
Combiticket: 3-Day-Workshop + Festivalpass. In addition to your 3-Day-Workshop you need a Festivalpass to have access to the festival.Therefore the Combiticket is perfect, because it includes the Festivalpass, with which you can
attend the Open Trial Sessions and the Evening Events.
Combiticket international teacher: 150,-€/Person - Early Bird 130.-
Combiticket local teacher: 130,-€/Person/- Early Bird 110.-

b. Booking
1x 3-Day-Workshop +Festivalpass= Combiticket
Choose the Combiticket, when you book your first 3-Day-Workshop, which includes the Festivalpass.
If you want to book more than one 3-Day-Workshops, choose the Combiticket when booking your first 3-Day-Workshop.

After that, you can continue booking the 3-Day-Workshops as you like.
For Example:
You want to attend
1x „3-Day-Workshop“ (international)
1x „3-Day-Workshop“ (national)
+ Festivalpass
Combiticket (=1x „3-Day-Workshop“ (international) + Festivalpass) = 150.- / Early Bird 130.-
+ 1x „3-Day-Workshop“ (national) = 90.- EUR/Person / Early Bird 80.-
Summe: 240.- EUR/Person / Early Bird 210.-


Open Trial Sessions only= Festivalpass

If you only want to attend the Open Trial Sessions and the evening program, the Festivalpass is the right option for you. You can book a certain day individually or the Festivalpass for four days.
Prices Festivalpass only:
1 Day: 40.- EUR/Person / Early Bird 30.- 
4 Days: 100.- EUR/Person / Early Bird 80.-

Deutsche Version


Wie buche ich mein Ticket für das Aerial Arts Festvial?

Es gibt zwei unterschiedliche Kursformate: „3-Day-Workshops“ und „Open Trial Sessions“.Zusätzlich zu den Kursen ist ein Festivalpass notwendig, wofür es das günstigere Combiticket gibt.

  • Bei der Buchung deines ersten Workshop wähle das Combiticket bei allen weiteren Workshops wähle das 3-Day-Workshop Ticket!

  • Du möchtest keinen Intensiv Workshop buchen sondern dich nur durch die Open Trial Sessions durchprobieren? Dann buch dir einen Festivalpass! 


a. Auswahl an Kursen/Kursformaten:

  • 3-Day-Workshops“ sind aufbauende Intensiv-Workshops, die von Freitag, 30August bis Sonntag, 1. September zur selben Uhrzeit stattfinden. Nur einzelne Tage aus diesem Kursformat zu buchen, ist nicht möglich
    Internationale/r Trainer/in: 110.- EUR/Person/ no Early Bird available
    Nationale/r Trainer/in: 90.- EUR/Person/ Early Bird 80.-

    Für die „3-Day-Workshops“ gibt es ein Teilnehmerlimit. Um sich einen Platz zu sichern, ist eine Anmeldung und                Bezahlung über das Eversports-Buchungssystem nötig. Pro Kurs ist der entsprechende Link zum Buchungssystem hinterlegt.

  • Open Trial Sessions (=Festivalpass)

      Von verschiedenen Yoga-Disziplinen über Aerial-Schnupperstunden bis zu Hula Hoop bietet das vielfältige Angebot der         „Open Trial Sessions“ die optimale Gelegenheit,Neues auszuprobieren. Die Kurse können mit dem Combiticket oder dem        Festivalpass (ohne Buchung eines „3-Day-Workshops) besucht werden.
     Kosten Festivalpass only:
     1 Day: 40.- EUR/Person Early Bird 30.-
     4 Days: 100.- EUR/Person Early Bird 80.-

     Für die einzelnen Workshops ist keine Anmeldung über das Eversports- Buchungssystem nötig. Die Plätze werden nach           dem „First come, first served“-Prinzip vergeben. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist grundsätzlich höher als bei den „3-Day-                     Workshops“.

  • Combiticket: „3-Day-Workshop“ + „Festivalpass“

     Dein „3-Day-Workshop“-Ticket ist ausschließlich in Kombination mit einem Festivalpass gültig. Dafür gibt es das                     Combiticket, womit du dir an allen drei Festivaltagen nicht nur deine Teilnahme an deinen „3-Day-Workshops“ sicherst,

     sondern zusätzlich an den Open Trial Sessions sowie dem Evening-Events teilnehmen kannst.
     Combiticket international: 150.- EUR/Person Early Bird 130.-
     Combiticket local: 130.- EUR/Person  Early Bird 110.-

b. Buchung
1x „3-Day-Workshop“ + Festivalpass = 1x Combiticket
Wähle bei der Buchung deines ersten oder einzigen „3-Day-Workshops“ das Combiticket, wobei der notwendige Festivalpass inkludiert ist und sichere dir den Kombinationsrabatt.
1x „3-Day-Workshop“ (international) + Festivalpass
Buchung= Combiticket (international) = 150.- EUR/Person
2x oder mehr „3-Day-Workshops“ + Festivalpass = 1x Combiticket + zusätzliche „3-Day-Workshops“
Wähle bei der Buchung deines ersten „3-Day-Workshops“ das Combiticket, wobei der notwendige Festivalpass inkludiert ist und sichere dir den Kombinationsrabatt.Für jeden weiteren „3-Day-Workshop“ wähle das „3-Day-Workshop“-Ticket aus. Der
Festivalpass, der im Combiticket inkludiert ist, gilt für sämtliche drei Festivaltage.
Teilnahme an:

1x „3-Day-Workshop“ (international) + Festivalpass
1x „3-Day-Workshop“ (national)
Buchung: Combiticket (=1x „3-Day-Workshop“ (international) + Festivalpass) = 150.-EUR/Person
+ 1x „3-Day-Workshop“ (national) = 90.- EUR/Person
Summe: 240.- EUR/Person


„Open Trial Sessions“ only = Festivalpass
Wer keinen „3-Day-Workshop“ buchen möchte, hat die Möglichkeit, mit dem Festivalpass ausschließlich an den „Open Trial Sessions“ teilzunehmen und verschiedene neue Sportarten kennenzulernen – wahlweise an einem einzelnen
(=Festivalpass 1 Day) oder an allen vier Tagen, inkl. Abendprogrammen (=Festivalpass 4 Days).
Kosten Festivalpass only:

1 Day: 40.- EUR/Person Early Bird 30.-
4 Days: 100.- EUR/Person Early Bird 80.-

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