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All Level

Suspended on a bungee cord, attached at your hips, you can explore three-dimensional ways to dance, jump, run and dive.

In Bungee Acrobatics you explore f.e. upside down - positions like handstand. 

For the handstand training we don't need a spotter, because we have the bungee cord! 

Tuck Jumps, Pike Jumps & Straddle Jumps are easy in the harness! 

We focus on dynamic jumps into handstand & back into squat. 

Additionally we do some acrobatic partner moves :)

Let's fly'n jump together! 

Aerial Silk & Rope Adv.

Advanced Level

This class will provide students with a comprehensive training program to open the expressive possibilities of the rope and silks to develop the specific strength and techniques required for moving fluidly and effortlessly from one trick to the next.

The goal of this workshop is to share, create new figures/tricks and develop your own personal style.
Prerequisites: straight leg staddle up.

Aerial Hoop Choreografie Intermediate Special

Intermediate Level

This choreography class will challenge our creative and exploration skills. We will work together on building up an aerial hoop sequence, step by step, using a basic, pre-given structure, but searching for originality in transitions and poses below, under, around and within the hoop. This class will teach us the logic behind a good, fluid, expressive and unique sequence, which is an essential choreographic tool for all aerial/movement artists.

Intermediate Level with Ariadna Vendelova

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Bungee Workout

All Levels

Suspended on a bungee cord, attached at your hips, you can explore three-dimensional ways to dance, jump, run and dive.

In Bungee Workout we concentrate on strength and conditioning training like planks etc.

Aerial Silk Partner Work

Intermediate Level

DUO/ Partnering Aerial Silk:

"Together we are more than the summer of its parts".

Duo acts are fascinating, because you will find connection, balance and  subjection for both parts.

In this workshop we will work in pairs. Bring a friend or find one there (:

One person will be the "base" that the other person has to rely on, using the position and the grip of that person to move artful topsy-turvy in space, always sharing the silks. Goal is to get a hold of new ways of moving together on the silk and fighting gravity together!

Static Trapeze Beginner

Beginner Level

* A crash course in fixed trapeze! We will start with a warmup and conditioning sequence in order to prepare our bodies for the trapeze. We will then look at some difference static positions on the apparatus, before linking them together into a small sequence. We will then follow with some more dynamic movements to really get you hooked!

Contemporary Dance

Open Workshop / All Levels

This workshop is made to the people who want to develop their style of dance, the main idea is to learn and to share the ways in different kind of dance such as contemporary, hip hop and improvisation.

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Bungee Dance 1

Intermediate Level

Suspended on a bungee cord, attached at your hips, you can explore three-dimensional ways to dance, jump, run and dive.

In Bungee Dance we create a coreografie combining different elements!

Prerequisites: Bungee or Aerial Acrobatics experience! 

Aerial Silk Beginner

Intermediate Level

Aerial silks is a type of acrobatics on a fabric. The fabric hang as two pieces. You use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. Aerial silks may be used to fly through the air, striking poses and figures while flying.

In the Beginners Workshop you learn how to climb and how to do basic figures & knots (Footlock, Hip Key, etc.)

No prerequisites needed.

Aerial Hoop Duo

Intermediate Level

Two persons – one lyra: In this workshop you will be introduced into duo lyra or get to know new tricks based on what you have already learned. 

Prerequisites: Climb, invert, stable standing and sitting in the lyra

Journey to Handstand

All Levels/ Unlimited

In this 90 min workshop you will learn how to efficiently strengthen all important muscles groups and body parts that you need for handstands. We will look at different techniques how to get into and out of your handstand. We are working with the wall and with partners to set you up for success on your journey to handstand. 

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